I love bows and the color pink. I feel bad for dishes on the top shelf that never get used and I say "Bless you!" when my cats sneeze. I’m a mom, so I’ve seen it all! Photographing newborns can be, well, quite messy. Toddlers are often all over the place with every expression but a smile.

I’ve been pregnant and I know sometimes it can make us feel so far from beautiful. My goal is to make you forget all of these concerns and photograph your family’s growth in gorgeous, timeless images. Though I can't seem to keep my feet on the ground, my roots are firmly planted in the world of photography.

I’ve been behind the camera for 5 years now. I strive to take photos of your babies or children that illustrate them and their personalities. Whether it’s maternity photography, newborns, or family portraits, I’d love to be your gal!